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Found 4 results

  1. Bheem Praying to Hanuman.mp4 Bheem Praying to Hanuman.mp3 Original Lyrics: MISSING - please kindly contribute if you have more information about the original lyrics. English Meaning: MISSING - please kindly contribute if you have more information about the English meaning. Bheem Praying to Hanuman mantra can be found in these episodes: e161
  2. Tyago Se Naata Hai.mp4 Tyago Se Naata Hai.mp3 Original Lyrics: Tyago Se Naata Hai Neeti Ke Gyata Hai Satya Hi Inke Pran Hai Man Ki Sahkti Hai Sachhi Yeh Bhakti Hai Dharm Ki Yahi Pehchhan Hai Jeevan Ke Is Path Pe Janmo Ke Bandhan Se Mukti Mein Chhipa Kalyan Hai Paana Kya Khona Hai Honi Ko Hona Hai Jeevan Hi Inka Balidan Hai English Meaning: They were united by one fate, through sacrifice they attained knowledge, sacrificed themselves for the service of Truth. There is great power in their hearts, it is the true and selfless love of God, this is the highest dharma* in the world. /the true identity of religion/ On this path of life there is hidden wealth in the form of liberation from the bondage of birth and death. What they gain and what they lose, what is to be done will be done, they have sacrificed their lives. Tyago Se Naata Hai song can be found in these episodes: e223 Meaning in Other Languages: Sources: Source 1
  3. Hidimbi's Farewell Song.mp4 Hidimbi's Farewell Song.mp3 Original Lyrics: Vaada hai ye mera Andhera ghanera Dukh kahe samete Chalta karwa Aasha hai ke ek din Jiyungi main pal gin Jeevan ki apni dastaan Mahabharat Mahabharat English Meaning: This is my promise: In darkness and sorrow, as they say, life goes on anyway, I promise that one day, I will tell you the details of the story of life. Mahabharat Mahabharat Hidimbi's Farewell Song can be found in these episodes: e095 Meaning in Other Languages: Sources: Source 1
  4. Ghatothkach Theme Song.mp4 Ghatothkach Theme Song.mp3 Original Lyrics: Singhasyam aruniva nayanaha Swikta gambhira kantho Drirhata sudrirhata pratibhanu Rikta bishrishta kesha ha Vaja madhyo gaja brisha bhakati Lanka vinasha baaho... Su vyaktam rakshashijo.. Loka virasya putraha.... Ghatotkacha....ghatotkacha… English Meaning: A good and respected demon king, fought for peace and justice, for the other members of his clan, strong as a lion and with a sharp eye, he was intelligent and bareheaded, a true magician and master of illusion, very powerful, devoted and a famous demon warrior, Ghatotkacha....ghatotkacha… Ghatotkacha Theme Song can be found in these episodes: e095, e241 Meaning in Other Languages:
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