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Found 2 results

  1. Yudhisthir Theme Song.mp4 Yudhisthir Theme Song.mp3 Original Lyrics: Yudhishtiraha iti gyataha Pandu prathamaja sutaha Bhavitah prati kulraja Vishnulokeshu vishrutaha English Meaning: Yudhishtir so knowledgeable Pandu's first child Born to be the king of every Kul /of everyone/ Famous in entire Vishnu Lok* /the highest planet in the spiritual sky, the personal abode of Vishnu - Krishna/ Yudhisthir Theme Song can be found in these episodes: e116, e120, e128, e145, e151, e152, e162 Meaning in Other Languages: Sources: Source 1 Source 2 Source 3
  2. Yama Mantra.mp4 Yama Mantra.mp3 Original Lyrics: ओ ग्राम्ब्रि आम्वैं वैवस्वताय धर्मराजाय भक्तानु ग्रहा कृतै नमाहा om grambri amvaim vaivasvataya dharmarajaya bhaktanu graha kritai namaha English Meaning: I offer my obeisances to Vaivasvata*, Dharmaraj*, the king of righteousness, for the grace of his devotees. /other names of the demigod of justice and death, Yama/ Lord Yama Mantra can be found in these episodes: e024 Meaning in Other Languages: Sources:
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