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  1. Ye Kaisi Duvidha Hai.mp4 Ye Kaisi Duvidha Hai.mp3 Original Lyrics: Ye Kaisi Duvidha Hai, Kaisi ye Vipada Hai, Ye Dharm h ya Balidaan hai, Apne hi Apno ke Sukh Leke Dukhe Dene Adharma hai Ya Ye Vidhaan hai Ye Kaisi Duvidha Hai... English Meaning: What kind of confusion is this! What (kind of) difficult time/problem is this! Is this dharma or sacrifice? Our own relatives/people take away our happiness and give us sorrows. Is this adharma or is this our destiny? What kind of confusion is this… Ye Kaisi Duvidha Hai song can be found in these episodes: e074, e117, e121, e158, e197, e250 Meaning in Other Languages:
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