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  1. Vrindavan Mein Raas Rachaye.mp4 Vrindavan Mein Raas Rachaye.mp3 Original Lyrics: Praatkaal Mein Dhenu Charaye Maakhan Chori Karke Jo Khaaye Krishna Krishna.. Woh Hain Krishna Krishna.. Vrindaa Van Mein Raas Rachaye Murali Ki Dhoon Pe Sab Ko Nachaye Krishna Krishna.. Woh Hain Krishna Krishna.. Jai Bali lila ko samjhaye Krishna Krishna Mahima apne jo dikhlaye Krishna Krishna English Meaning: He Who herds cows grazing in the morning Who eats by stealing butter Krishna Krishna.. He is Krishna Krishna.. He dances the dance of Raas* in Vrindavan. /Dance of Devine Love/ They all dance to the tune of His flute. Krishna Krishna.. He is Krishna Krishna.. Glory to His pastimes, Krishna Krishna.. He who shows His glory, Krishna Krishna.. Vrindavan Mein Raas Rachaye Krishna Krishna Song can be found in these episodes: e186, e187 Meaning in Other Languages: Sources: Source 1 Source 2
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