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Found 2 results

  1. Draupadi theme song full.mp4 Original Lyrics: Tej chapal roshani ki tarah gyan ka utsaah bhara Har taraf hain sab naya Kab main khelun bachpan Nayi nayi tasveere naye rango ka ujala Agni meri bhagya rekha Main draupadi jisne bachpan nahi dekha Main draupadi jiki agani hain bhagya rekha Chodan se hai meree kaaya Agni ne mujhe sajaaya Agni meri bhagya rekha English Meaning: Like the light, the exuberance of knowledge is filled Everything is new around When would I play my childhood? New-new pictures, glow of new colours Fire is my destiny I, Draupadi, who did not see the childhood I, Draupadi, whose fate-line is fire My body is made of santal wood Fire has decorated me Fire is my destiny Draupadi Theme Song 2 can be found in these episodes: e085, e100 Meaning in Other Languages: Sources: Source 1 Source 2 Draupadi theme song 2 - full.mp3
  2. Draupadi Theme Song.mp4 Draupadi Theme Song.mp3 Original Lyrics: Kumaari Chapi Panchaali, Vedimadhya Samosthita.. Sumbhagaa Darshiniaangi, Vedimadhya Manoramaa.. Shyaama Padm Palashakshi, Neel Kunchita Murdhaja.. Manusam Vigraham Kritva Saksad Amara Vamini.. Neelotpala Samoghandho, Yasaha Proshaat Pravuayati.. Ya Bibharti Puram Rupam, Yasya Nasti Upama Bhuvi.. English Meaning: Beautiful Princess of Panchal who came out from yagya whose appearance is good fortune, beautiful charming woman who born from yagya Dark skinned,lotus eyes, with beautiful,long, open,black,curly hairs, a woman appearing in a real human body with immortal caste Draupadi's body smells like a blue lotus,even from a distance of two miles There are No words to describe her beauty. Draupadi theme Song can be found in these episodes: e084, e099, e113, e115, e131, e134, e149, e154, e157, e166 Meaning in Other Languages: Sources: Source 1 Source 2
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