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Found 2 results

  1. War Theme Song.mp4 War Theme Song.mp3 Original Lyrics: Bharat Mahabharat Dharma Gatha Karmon Ka Ye Saar Bharat Mahabharat Bharat Mahabharat Sadiyaan Beet Gayi Jeet Nahi Keval Haar English Meaning: Bharat* Mahabharat - the saga of dharma, /India/ about the nature of actions (karma). Bharat Mahabharat Bharat Mahabharat Years have passed, no win, only loss. War Theme Song can be found in these episodes: e001, e008, e033, e036, e040, e046, e052, e054, e057, e061, e064, e066, e098, e104, e113, e116, e133, e137, e142, e145, e148, e150, e151, e153, e155, e157, e159, e161, e164, e177, e193, e194, e197, e198, e206, e212, e213, e216, e220, e223, e224, e234, e258 Meaning in Other Languages:
  2. Mahabharat Theme Song.mp4 Mahabharat Theme Song.mp3 Original Lyrics: Hai katha sangram ki Vishwa ke kalyan ki Dharm adharm adi anant Satya asatya kalesh kalank swarth ki katha paramarth ki Shakti hai, vakti hai Janmo ki mukti hai Jivan ka ye sampoorn saar hai Yug yug se, karn karn me, srishti ke darpan me Vedo ki katha apar hai Karmo ki gatha hai Devo ki bhasa hai Sadiyo ke itihas ka praman hai Krishna ki mahima hai Gita ki garima hai Grantho ka granth ye mahan hai Mahabharat Mahabharat English Meaning: This is the legend of the great battle, told for the betterment of the whole world, about righteousness and sinfulness, about truth and untruth, about old age and eternity, about selfishness and selflessness. There is power and love for God in it, there is a way to liberation from the cycle of birth and death, there is the very essence of life. From yuga to yuga*, particle by particle, /epoch, age/ the story of the Vedas in the mirror of the universe varies from age to age. It is the story of the nature of actions (karma), it's written in the language of the gods, it is the evidence of centuries of history, it is the glory of Lord Krishna and the greatness of God's song*! /Bhagavad Gita/ Of all the holy books, the greatest is Mahabharat Mahabharat Mahabharat Theme Song can be found in these episodes: e001, e033, e036, e037, e042, e043, e047, e048, e061, e062, e063, e081, e092, e096, e101, e102, e103, e104, e105, e106, e108, e109, e111, e112, e113, e114, e115, e116, e119, e127, e134, e138, e143, e145, e146, e147, e148, e149, e155, e156, e157, e158, e159, e170, e176, e177, e193, e194, e195, e199, e200, e201, e203, e204, e205, e206, e207, e208, e209, e211, e216, e222, e225, e248, e249, e267 Meaning in Other Languages:
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