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Found 2 results

  1. Devi Suresvari Bhagavati Gange.mp4 Devi Suresvari Bhagavati Gange.mp3 Original Lyrics: devi sureśvari bhagavati gańge (tribhuvana-tāriṇi tarala tarańge) śańkara-mauli-vihāriṇi vimale mama matir āstāḿ tava pada-kamale English Meaning: O Goddess Ganga! You are the divine river from heaven, (you are the saviour of all the three worlds), you are pure and restless, you adorn Lord Shiva’s* head. /Shankara/ O Mother! may my mind always rest at your lotus feet. Devi Suresvari Bhagavati Gange mantra can be found in these episodes: e228 Meaning in Other Languages: Sources: Source 1
  2. Ek Maa Ne Pala Hai.mp4 Ek Maa Ne Pala Hai.mp3 Original Lyrics: Ek Maa Ne Pala Hai Kis Maa Ne Janama Hai Astitva Ka Yeh Sawal Hai Radhe Hun Radha Ka Na Hu Kisi Aur Ka Maa Ko Pata Kiska Yeh Dan Hai English Meaning: He was his mother's darling all his life But now the ground is crumbling beneath his feet Who is mother Radha to him now? How is he to accept what he has learned? Ek Maa Ne Pala Hai song can be found in these episodes: e196 Meaning in Other Languages: Sources: Source 1
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