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Found 2 results

  1. Nakul And Sahadev Healing Karna.mp4 Nakul & Sahadev Healing Karna.mp3 Original Lyrics: Ye Kaisi Duvidha Hai, Kaisi ye Vipada Hai, Ye Dharm h ya Balidaan hai, apne ya deekaane (I'm not sure about this line, please contribute if you know more) Bhai ye anjaane Vidhi ka ye kaysa vidhan hai English Meaning: What kind of confusion is this! What (kind of) difficult time/problem is this! Is this dharma or sacrifice? Yours or his? (I'm not sure about this line, please contribute if you know more) they don't know he's their brother. Unaware of the hidden relationship. Nakul & Sahadev Healing Karna song can be found in these episodes: e204 Meaning in Other Languages:
  2. Abhimanju Theme Song.mp4 Abhimanju Theme Song.mp3 Original Lyrics: Dijyavishve gunasmita pandvesuchyeguna Abhimanyu giletasva krischndw gunsanchya Dhananjaysy rupen vidhyamey shrutenach Vinya sahdevsya shatruso laghurasya Abhimanyu abhimanyu abhimanyu. English Meaning: He whose qualities have spread in the all known world. He who has the qualities of the Pandavas. He is Abhimanyu, he is flexible He accumulated qualities from Krishna. His face is like Dhananjaya's (Arjuna) He is full of the heard knowledge (i.e. Vedas). Who has the humility of Sahdeva, He, who deminishes his enemies, He is Abhimanyu, Abhimanyu, Abhimanyu. Abhimanju Theme Song can be found in these episodes: e173, e213 Meaning in Other Languages:
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