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  1. Jay Jay Sudarshana.mp4 Jay Jay Sudarshana.mp3 Original Lyrics: Pratibhatsreni Bhishana Vargunasthoma bhushana Jyanibhayasthan kartana Jagadavasthan kartana Nikhiladushkarma karshana Nigama saddharma darshna Jay Jay Sudarshana Jay Jay Sudarshana Dhanuja Visthara Kartana Jyanitamisra Vikartana Dhanujavidya nikartana Bhajatvidya nivattana Amardrushtaswa vikrama Samarajusta brhamikrama Jay Jay Sudarshana Jay Jay Sudarshana. English Meaning: Who is fearsome to hoards of enemies of devotees Who is ornament for all blessed actions, Who helps one to cross sea of samsara*, /the cycle of birth and death/ Who stabilizes the entire universe, Who cuts off accumulated sins of bad actions, And who teaches righteous conduct. Victory and Victory to you, oh, Sudarshana*, /Krishna's disc - weapon/ Victory and Victory to you, oh, Sudarshana. Who destroys the spread of asuras*, /demonic man/ Who removes the sorrows of birth , aging and death, Who wins over the art of war of asuras, Who removes the false knowledge from his devotees, Whose valour is praised by devas, And who rotates in various ways in a war. Victory and Victory to you, oh, Sudarshana, Victory and Victory to you, oh, Sudarshana. Jay Jay Sudarshana song can be found in these episodes: e071, e124, e176, e265 Meaning in Other Languages: Sources: Source 1 Source 2
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