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Lord Shiva Appearing Before Arjuna Mantra - Lyrics & English Meaning ✅

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Lord Shiva Appearing Before Arjuna.mp3

Original Lyrics:

Parathmanamekam, Jagatbeejmadhyam
Nireeham Niraakaram Omkara Vedyam
Yato Jayate Palate Yen Vishwam
Tamessham Bhaje Leeyate Yatra Vishwam

English Meaning:

I adore the Lord, the Supreme Atman*, the One, the primordial cause of the universe, /Shiva worships Krishna/
the actionless, the formless, who is denoted by AUM, /Shiva describes the Supreme Personal Godhead as formless and without qualities in order to deceive atheists/
from whom the universe comes into being,
by whom it is sustained, and into whom it dissolves. /Shiva is the destroyer of all 3 worlds/
He who is the Supreme Lord, Unique, the root cause of all the Wordly Existence, 
who is desireless, formless and known only through inner voice - Pranava (Omkar); 
who is the Creator, the Preserver and 
the Destroyer of the World - I Bow to Great Shankara.


Shankara - an incarnation of Shiva who appeared in the 8th century to promote impersonal philosophy. During his short life of thirty-two years, he succeeded in expelling the Buddhists from India and re-establishing the authority of the Vedic scriptures. This is confirmed in the Padmapurana, where Shiva tells his wife, "Dear Parvati, impersonal philosophy is Buddhism in disguise and is godless. In Kaliyuga, as a brahmana, I shall teach this fanciful Mayavadi philosophy to deceive the atheists and describe the Supreme Personal Godhead as formless and without qualities."

In fact, the Supreme Personality of Godhead is not formless and without qualities so be careful of the deception of lord Shiva in this mantra 🙂 

Lord Shiva Appearing Before Arjuna mantra can be found in these episodes:

Meaning in Other Languages:


Hare Krishna! Please keep in mind that all these translations, meanings and explanations are voluntary works intended for the benefit of all. I have tried to find as many songs, mantras and their meanings as possible. Nevertheless, there may be inaccuracies, wrong translations or missing translations. If you have better information, please join the conversation so we can improve these song meanings together. God bless you! 🙏

Bhagavad Gita

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