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Mahabharat Theme Song - Lyrics & English Meaning ✅

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Mahabharat Theme Song.mp3

Original Lyrics:

Hai katha sangram ki
Vishwa ke kalyan ki
Dharm adharm adi anant
Satya asatya kalesh kalank
swarth ki katha paramarth ki

Shakti hai, vakti hai
Janmo ki mukti hai
Jivan ka ye sampoorn saar hai

Yug yug se, karn karn me,
srishti ke darpan me
Vedo ki katha apar hai

Karmo ki gatha hai
Devo ki bhasa hai
Sadiyo ke itihas ka praman hai
Krishna ki mahima hai
Gita ki garima hai
Grantho ka granth ye mahan hai


English Meaning:

This is the legend of the great battle,
told for the betterment of the whole world,
about righteousness and sinfulness,
about truth and untruth,
about old age and eternity, about selfishness and selflessness.

There is power and love for God in it,
there is a way to liberation
from the cycle of birth and death,
there is the very essence of life.

From yuga to yuga*, particle by particle, /epoch, age/
the story of the Vedas in the mirror of the universe
varies from age to age.

It is the story of the nature of actions (karma),
it's written in the language of the gods,
it is the evidence of centuries of history,
it is the glory of Lord Krishna
and the greatness of God's song*! /Bhagavad Gita/
Of all the holy books, the greatest is


Mahabharat Theme Song can be found in these episodes:

Meaning in Other Languages:


Hare Krishna! Please keep in mind that all these translations, meanings and explanations are voluntary works intended for the benefit of all. I have tried to find as many songs, mantras and their meanings as possible. Nevertheless, there may be inaccuracies, wrong translations or missing translations. If you have better information, please join the conversation so we can improve these song meanings together. God bless you! 🙏

Bhagavad Gita

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